Training management software you love to use

Yes, most people don’t look forward to compulsory LMS training. It could get repetitive for administrators, and boring for learners.

That’s why we made a different kind of learning and development software. Goodbye time-consuming processes, high expenses, and clunky eLearning training software. We invite you to experience the future of learning.

What can you achieve with Velpic above other eLearning platforms?

Hit the ground running

Want better ways to onboard new hires, manage compliance training, upskill staff, or demonstrate your offerings to partners or prospects? Consider our LMS software online that allows you to do it quickly, and manage it all from one place.

Leap ahead by using our eLearning platform to achieve stratospheric results:

How do you upskill better with our training management software?

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Productivity gains without the pain

Our eLearning software offers all the features you need to create, schedule and report on training, but without the painful user experience you can do without. We’ve even sweetened the deal and added in a few more online training software features you didn’t know you needed.

At Velpic we live by the mantra “Never stop innovating,” so we’re improving and adding more functionalities to our eLearning system all the time.

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The highlight is the responsiveness and the customer service Velpic provides.

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We integrate well with others

Velpic’s open API is the key that unlocks multiple possibilities for automating and streamlining HR workflows and staff development training. Learn how you can activate single-sign-on, user provisioning and more from one eLearning software.

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Bring training back to (Virtual) Reality

Welcome to the future of learning. Did you know that learners recall up to 90% of their training content in VR lessons? In contrast, 90% of what is learnt via traditional classroom methods is forgotten after one month.

It’s so versatile. Create 360° virtual reality videos for site or office orientations, product demonstrations, hazard simulations, and other immersive training experiences.

Suddenly, training and learning are fun again.

Embrace the future of learning with our state-of-the-art online training platform.

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Get better results at less cost

Whether you’re a seasoned LMS user or new to online learning platforms, there are many other good reasons to add Velpic staff induction software to your workplace training processes.

  • Reduce training cost by 70%
  • 75% of employees prefer to watch video

Which training management system can serve you best?

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