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Cloud-Based eLearning Software for Your Business

Velpic is an elegant online learning management system designed to help
your business create, distribute and monitor video based training materials.


One video-based training system to do it all

  • Create
  • Schedule
  • Learn
  • Report
  • With an integrated video authoring tool that is intuitive and easy to use

  • Easily schedule and follow up with our online training software

  • Velpic's video-based training makes eLearning enjoyable

  • Cutting-edge eLearning training software with detailed auto-reporting

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Simply create. Our eLearning software allows anyone with or without video production experience to easily create, copy, edit, customise and reuse training content for more timely and frequent workforce upskilling. The cloud-based online training platform eliminates the hassles and costs of disparate third-party software by including all authoring functions within our LMS. Engage your learners more effectively with moving text and images, voiceovers, background music and embedded videos. Get things done faster and better with Velpic’s eLearning training management software.

Simply schedule. Get more done with less effort. With Velpic, you can automate scheduling, add trainees, create groups and assign supervisors from one handy eLearning tool. Now it’s possible to easily integrate learning using our employee training software for workplace inductions, sales training, continuing education and more.

Simply learn. Stream videos that play smoothly regardless of your Internet connection or speed. Boost learning and increase employee engagement with video-based training and interactive quizzes. With Velpic, you’ll find that you can accelerate eLearning to provide a competitive edge and create a dynamic learning environment.

Simply report. Get state-of-the-art learning management software with detailed reporting. Track lesson statuses and send automated reminders for overdue ones. Capture answers to tests and quizzes. Perform supervisory tasks from your smartphone. Export data for future planning and keep training and induction records online in one, easy-to-use eLearning platform.

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training time by
Save time by sharing cloud-based custom video lessons that trainees can watch at their own pace. There’s no need to arrange face-to-face training with Velpic’s easy-to-use business training software.
Boost content
retention by up to
Learn better with multi-sensory induction and training videos. These training resources are more interesting, engaging and interactive than static PowerPoint presentations and text-heavy manuals. Quizzes are also a great tool to boost retention.
Reduce cost
to train by up to
Using one eLearning software with its own authoring tool (and HD streaming video portal) means a massive reduction in third party licensing, production, maintenance and staff costs.
  • AVB, National Human Resources Manager

    AVB, National Human Resources Manager

    AHG, Australia

    "Velpic provides our people with timely information to do their jobs well and to maintain safe work practices consistently across our network. I am happy that Velpic’s scalability helps us manage a growing volume of training activities with confidence and ease."

  • CG, Group Training Manager

    CG, Group Training Manager

    Mineral Resources, Australia

    "I’m really happy with the product and the Velpic team. The highlight is the responsiveness and the customer service Velpic provides, as that is important to a business like ours."

  • MF, Manager (Health & Safety)

    MF, Manager (Health & Safety)

    WBHO Infrastructure, Australia

    "Velpic is excellent value for money for our business. We have multiple offices and projects throughout Australia; and it’s important to have control as well as flexibility with all our training. We keep the creation of inductions central but we can distribute it everywhere."

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