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  • Do you spend a lot of time and resources conducting repeated induction, safety and compliance training in multiple locations?
  • Are you thinking about how to drive technological leadership across all business departments and divisions?
  • Do you want training resources to tackle work-related injury, high staff turnover, and employee engagement?

There’s an easier and more effective way to manage training and get great results.

Reap the business rewards of innovative online training

85 percent less time spent on training administration
70 percent lower training cost.
65 percent ROI on your training dollar for eLearning

Velpic Construction: ‘Out of the box’ safety training

Get up and running quickly with the Velpic Safety Fundamentals Pack:

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Empowering HR & training managers

Deliver mobile learning and consistent lesson quality anytime anywhere.

Streamline tracking of training progress and certificates.

Identify skills gaps via the skills matrix and gamify workplace learning.

Overcome constraints of multiple time zones and locations while cutting cost.

Reduce safety risks and costs by moving hazardous training online or to VR.

Empowering your team members

Provide mobile microlearning on the go in bite-size chunks.

Engage and immerse learners for more fun and effective upskilling.

Embed quizzes and downloads within dynamic lessons to boost retention.

Incentivise learners with gamification of achievement levels.

Create a blended learning culture with frequent training content and updates.

Getting results from eLearning: Risk assessment and training in one place

Velpic’s integrated solution allows organisations to identify risks, then intervene and track the physical and mental well-being of their workforce faster and better.

Reinvent safety inductions with VR

Velpic Construction has joined forces with Cortex Interactive to bring you VR safety inductions.

  • Safer ways to training in high-risk or remote areas
  • Deeper learning through fun and immersive VR content
  • Higher learning recall and retention with multimedia engagement

Velpic Construction: Advanced safety training videos

* Not included with pack

Duty of Care for Managers and Supervisors

Minimising Risk Using Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Guide

Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods Hazard Guide

Working at Heights Hazard Guide

What our customers have to say about us

What our customers have to say about us


"The most powerful change is enabling everyone to access the same messages at the same time, whether they are in the office or in the field."

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Coffey, a Tetra Tech Company

"Velpic eLearning is user friendly and has an attractive layout … [it] makes our inductions very efficient and easy to run."

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"Velpic’s flexibility allows us to get our staff ready for mobilisation efficiently. It is well accepted by SCEE employees."

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CV Services Group

"Velpic LMS is easy to use…. It gives us the power and centralised control to manage all training content from one system."

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