No-sweat setup

Import your user list or automatically add users through your single sign-on integration. Organise users into custom groups and manage permissions.


Lessons with less heartache

Upload existing lesson content, purchase off-the-shelf videos, or create your own with our online training platform. Easily schedule active lessons for users with Velpic's cloud eLearning solution.


Simple follow-ups and reporting

Get a quick bird’s eye view of completed, active and overdue lesson statuses, and automatically notify users who are overdue. Quickly generate reports.


Workplace training is always on hand

Download Velpic’s mobile companion apps to manage lessons and watch training content on the go, including 360° virtual reality videos.

Setup for successful business staff training

Web App Login

Just open a browser window and you’re in - no downloads necessary. Customise your Velpic business and workplace training software with your own company URL, logos and colours.

User Import & Grouping

With Velpic’s online training software, it’s easy to import user lists, add single-sign-on users, and create any custom groups not limited by your official organisational chart or hierarchy. Great practical reasons to move your staff training online.

Create learning opportunities

Lesson Content

Your lesson content can come from anywhere (because we’re versatile like that):

  • PDFs, PowerPoints, Word documents or SCORM lessons you upload.
  • Velpic video lessons you create yourself.
  • Ready-made Velpic video lessons purchased from our online Marketplace.
  • Velpic video lessons our Professional Services team produce for you.

Clever Built-in Video Editor

Here’s a better training development solution. Empower your team to create professional lesson modules from scratch. You don’t need to be a professional video producer to make full use of it. Artfully compile text, video, images, audio, and transitions into a beautifully animated video lesson that you can preview, edit and publish in minutes right in the cloud. With our workplace online training software and built-in video editor, you can easily duplicate and adapt content for reuse, and more.

Let learning be fun

Interactive Lessons

Yes, play with your work—bring workplace training to life through gamification to achieve more while having fun.

Tickle learning brains with excellent training design by adding quizzes, assessments and random questions to improve recall—easily done in Velpic.

360° Video VR Lessons

Inject more fun into training and immerse learners in a deeper learning experience while keeping them safe.

Do more with less effort


Once you link a lesson to a group, anyone you add to that group is automatically assigned that lesson.


Training results are captured in real time so you always have smart data at your fingertips—run reports and view each user’s Skills Matrix to aid better business decisions.

Integrate to innovate

Get even more productive by integrating Velpic into your existing digital HR eco-system with single-sign-on (SSO), user provisioning and more.