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  • Do you seek effective ways to create quality franchisees across multiple stores, branches, cities and countries?
  • Do you want better franchisee-coaching results from Standard Operating Procedures to a winning culture?
  • Do you dream of engaging and inspiring your franchisees to stratospheric levels of success?

One LMS to deliver consistent fantastic results across your whole network

85 percent less time spent on training administration
70 percent lower training cost.
65 percent ROI on your training dollar for eLearning

Velpic Franchising: ‘Out-of-the-box’ franchise training

Out-franchise your competitors with the Velpic Piper Alderman Franchising Fundamentals Pack created by Velpic and Piper Alderman lawyers.

  • Franchisee’s Workplace Obligations
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Customer Service
  • Industry Safety Standards

Limited offer: From $4.50 per user per month (ex GST) on the 50-User eLearning Plan plus Franchising training video pack (paid upfront annually)

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Empowering franchisors

Deliver mobile learning and consistent lesson quality anytime anywhere.

Overcome constraints of multiple time zones and locations while cutting cost.

Streamline tracking of training progress for each member of the franchise network.

Identify franchisee skills gaps via the skills matrix and take action.

Streamline and replicate consistent work processes and procedures via VR.

Empowering franchisees

Provide mobile microlearning on the go in bite-size chunks.

Engage and immerse learners for more fun and effective upskilling.

Embed quizzes and downloads within dynamic lessons to boost retention.

Incentivise learners with gamification.

Create a blended learning culture with frequent training content and updates.

Reinvent franchise training with VR

Velpic has joined forces with Cortex Interactive to bring you superior induction and operational training through virtual reality.

  • Deliver your brand vision and strategy successfully to your entire network
  • Immerse learners in standardised best practice workflows and procedures
  • Inspire higher learning recall and retention with interactive multimedia

Velpic Franchising: Industry-specific elearning with ready-to-go videos*

Pick what’s relevant in your industry from our catalogue of expert content:

Food Handler Course

Safeguarding Children

Safe Medication Management

Best Business - The Sales Cycle

*Not included in franchising fundamentals pack

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What users can achieve with Velpic

What users can achieve with Velpic

Habitual Fix

"Velpic gives our franchisees and their employees the flexibility to learn at their own pace and time outside the rigid structure of classroom training. It’s easy to manage training, distribute it to franchisees and track progress."

Leigh Farnell

"A franchisor wants its best practice to be transferred across the world 24x7. In today's market, any franchise serious about growing their business will be using Velpic to scale up its operations fast. Velpic is exactly what the franchising industry needs"

Niche Living Real Estate

"Thanks to Leigh Farnell and Velpic, we’ve got a dedicated sales training system in place we’ve not really had before … I reckon we’ll probably double productivity from a salesperson as a result of this."

Niche LivingIncrease sales results: amazing for me

"It made me go from five or six sales a month to eight or nine, so that’s been amazing for me."