No matter your role or industry, you never stop learning. Velpic has specific use cases for professionals in a variety of industries, including but not limited to:

Human Resources

Versatile upskilling, induction, onboarding, and knowledge sharing solution.

Industrial & Commercial

A smarter paradigm to uphold safety, compliance, and quality control.

Customer Service

Address high staff turnover and increase customer engagement.


Stay updated on legislation, reduce risk of legal liability, and support staff better.


Stay current on healthcare legislation while saving and improving lives.

Velpic Sport

Sports coaches seeking a new competitive edge can now complement field training with eLearning for player development.

Velpic Construction

Create a Safety Culture, not just compliance. Velpic aligns online training with business goals for sustainable performance.

Velpic Franchising

Support your franchisees like a champion with our state-of-the-art franchisee training and communication tools.

Velpic is excellent value for money for our business.

WBHO Infrastructure

The highlight is the responsiveness and the customer service Velpic provides.

Mineral Resources Limited

Velpic is very easy to use, and we can modify training content ourselves . . . we have since developed training videos on other topics as well.

Southern Cross Electrical Engineering

Velpic is user friendly and has an attractive layout. You can set up automated email prompts and mandatory lessons which makes our induction very efficient and easy to run.