How well your people connect with customers can make or break a sale.

Whether you work in retail, hospitality, or travel and tourism, your goals are simple:

  • Give customers memorable experiences to increase customer loyalty, advocacy and repeat business.
  • Provide employees with valuable training to increase job satisfaction and retention, and replicate successes with new staff.
  • Maintain a safe and efficient workplace by setting high operational standards and ensuring regulatory compliance.

We help our clients do customer service better.

Take our partnership with a chain of popular retail stores as an example - even in the face of seasonal fluxes in demand for staff, using Velpic enabled them to train new and existing staff on high-quality customer service standards. Read the full success story.

As a customer service manager, how can I use Velpic in my business?


Streamline inductions

Schedule welcome videos and how-to’s before Day 1 so new starters can hit the ground running. We’ve got plenty of customer service training videos to get you started.


Keep staff updated on product and services

Enable staff to stay up-to-date on constantly evolving service and product offerings and promotions so they can upsell and service customers better.


Immersive VR training

Up your employee training game when you use virtual reality for employer branding, safety training, site orientation, and role playing simulations.

"SBIA’s Velpic training gives us an excellent base for customer service in our store. Customer service is the key to good business, and the more we can improve our customer service the more successful we can be. Even my experienced senior staff told me they got something valuable out of it."

Justin Bellwood, GM
Read the full case study