Velpic makes staff training easier, giving you more time to save the world.

  • Ensure training on medical procedures and facility administration are communicated consistently across your workforce.
  • Commit to continuing professional development for all staff by providing more training opportunities.
  • Easily induct new staff no matter where they’re based or which shifts they’re rostered for.

Deliver hands-on training with VR immersion

Put surgeons, doctors, nurses, and carers in training simulations so they can practice techniques and procedures in a virtual environment without risk. You can even immerse them in role playing situations to train them on how to deliver difficult information to patients when it comes to diagnostic procedures, treatment goals, and the benefits and/or risks involved.

As a healthcare professional, how can I use Velpic in my business?


CPD-certified online training

Assign CPD values to lessons you create, and allow employees to print completion certificates.


Streamline inductions

Provide video induction before Day 1 on the job or on a new shift so your staff can hit the ground running.


Immersive VR training

Up your employee training game when you use virtual reality for procedure training, facility orientation, and role playing simulations.

Velpic is very easy to use, and we can modify training content ourselves . . . we have since developed training videos on other topics as well.

Southern Cross Electrical Engineering

I’ve found them very customer serviced focused, they always responded in a prompt and professional manner.


Velpic is user friendly and has an attractive layout. You can set up automated email prompts and mandatory lessons which makes our induction very efficient and easy to run.