Velpic makes safety, compliance, and quality control simple.

We know your job can be stressful. You’re just one person, and you’ve got a lot to juggle such as:

  • Training workers in remote locations or contractors all over the globe.
  • Staying on top of constantly evolving compliance regulations.
  • Reducing workers compensation claims, absenteeism and presenteeism.

Experienced in compliance training

We know the training demands of high-compliance industries well, and have helped customers achieve great results such as:

  • 85% reduction in LMS administration time;
  • Freed up 50 work hours a week after moving training online; and
  • Cut out the 35% of the costs related to the logistics of training.

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As a professional in a highly regulated industry, how can I use Velpic in my business?


Easy content creation

Upload your existing content or let us do the heavy lifting. Use our health and safety videos if you don’t want to build from scratch, or we can build a custom video for you.


Skills and certification tracking

We keep meticulous records of compliance and mandatory training for you, and you can get a quick birds-eye view of skills and certifications at any time.


Immersive VR training

Up your employee training game when you use virtual reality for employer branding, onboarding, site orientation, hazard simulations and more.

"I welcome the online platform as its flexibility allows us to get our staff ready for mobilisation efficiently. It is well accepted by SCEE employees. Velpic is very easy to use, and the editing suite is a great advantage because we can modify training content ourselves. It was easy to adapt the original video into a corporate induction video, and we have since developed training videos on other topics as well. There are early days, but we are already content with the progress and where it is going. The huge benefits of moving our training online far outweigh the advantages of face-to-face delivery."

Mel Oliveri, Training Manager
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