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Velpic Insights Network (VIN) is an A-list of technology and business experts who help organisations of all sizes develop and exercise leadership in a complex world.

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High performance culture

Learn to create a resilient learning culture across your organisation that maximises productivity and employee engagement.

Marina Harper


Potential Impact

Marina Harper is an expert in Human Resources, Leadership and Talent Development. Her extensive experience includes Asia Pacific leadership roles for Salesforce and Apple. Potential Impact helps leaders and organisations to be more effective and grow.

Kristopher Harold



LinkPADD specialises in a breakthrough organisational design and development program that has reduced safety incidents by 90%, halved workers compensation premiums, improved productivity and quality by 30% to 50%, and reduced staff turnover to zero.

Leigh Farnell

Best Business Sales Expert

Leigh Farnell

Leigh Farnell specialises in orchestrating sales performance breakthroughs and serving as a catalyst for workplace innovation and change. He is a sought-after speaker with a practical and proven system for producing and managing instant and enduring sales results.

Technical and functional leadership

Drive technical leadership with knowledge sharing made easier.

Tim Angel

Managing Director

Cortex Interactive

Cortex Interactive specialises in solving business problems through immersive experiences that encourage participation, increase attention and improve learning retention. It does so by delivering engaging solutions that leverage the latest technologies, including VR and AR.

Dr Susanne Bahn


Tap into Safety

Tap into Safety specialises in two online solutions that identify and address early risk indicators. Their Hazard Perception Solution covers physical risk factors in a workforce, and their Mental Health Solution focuses on workplace stress, anxiety and depression.

Operational fundamentals

Upskill your workforce to fulfil KPIs like legislative compliance, physical safety, psychosocial risk and more.

Marlene Liontis


Lion Global HR

Lion Global HR specialises in providing best practices and tools for managing human resources from a single website. It curates the latest cutting-edge Professional Development Resources available from a wide variety of quality learning providers.

Jenny Needham

Senior Associate

Piper Alderman

Piper Alderman specialises in providing effective and timely commercial legal services while performing an an integrated team drawing on proven expertise. It provides value by listening to their clients, responding to their needs, and creating practical legal solutions.

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