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The Velpic Group comprises of two related companies.

Velpic LMS

Velpic has developed a unique online platform that provides a scalable, cloud-based training, induction and education solution for businesses. The platform allows companies to create their own training lessons and distribute them to staff and contractors, who can access the Velpic Platform on all devices including mobile phones and tablets. The cloud-based platform has global potential and is set to disrupt the traditional Learning Management System (LMS) marketplace, and Velpic already has an extensive list of ASX 200 clients using the platform.

Velpic Safety

Velpic Safety is a unique platform for all organisations concerned with security of staff, clients and assets. The platform allows businesses to manage and respond to any security incidents as well as providing proactive personal security training online. Powered by NowForce, Velpic Safety provides user-friendly solutions for personal safety apps, cloud-based computer aided dispatch and mobile response tools to reduce response times, increase situation awareness and enhance communications in security and public safety situations. NowForce is an industry disrupting, one-stop solution for campus security, private security and public safety organisations and has been named as a Top 10 Homeland Security Solution Provider by govCIO in the USA.

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