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Key advantages of Velpic’s eLearning technology

Velpic is transforming the workforce training, education and induction space through its innovative cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) technology. Velpic’s unique video-based eLearning platform has a compelling customer offering that has strong validation from its blue-chip customer base.

Velpic has a compelling customer offering

Velpic has significant advantages over its market competitors, offering its customers:

  • the combined benefit of a single end-to-end solution and video-centric learning
  • an innovative cloud-based service technology that is convenient, effective and cost efficient
  • the ability for any non-technical person to create, edit, deploy (and report on) quality online video training to their workers, at anytime, or on any device

Our Technology

How it works

Velpic provides large enterprises and small and medium sized businesses with the ability to create, schedule, distribute, and report on quality online training for their workforce from anywhere, anytime via the Internet.

Training through video

Interactive lessons built within Velpic are created as dynamic videos, with images, text, voice overs, and background music compiled and rendered together with transitions, movement, zooms and fades to make a video presentation.

The videos incorporate interactive test modules that have proven to be an extremely effective educational tool compared to traditional classroom training, static PowerPoint presentations and text-heavy manuals. Video lessons are preferred by senior executives and low-literacy trainees alike, and are particularly effective when training people with English as a second language.

Market Opportunity

Large and Growing Market Opportunity

Velpic is actively pursuing a global opportunity in the large and rapidly growing global Learning Management System (LMS) market expected to grow from $5 billion in 2016 to more than 11 billion in 2020 with a 22.8% CAGR (source: Markets and Markets).

A first mover in key geographies

Velpic is focused on becoming a first mover in many key geographies of this global market.

Already building a strong customer footprint in its Australian home market, and already present in New Zealand, Velpic plans to expand its customer based into the USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Africa. In these markets the use of smart devices and SaaS for businesses are prolific.

Concentrating its growth plans on these key geographies, Velpic is well positioned to actively pursue strategic partnerships with resellers, referrers and content creators, along with self sign-up customers and building direct sales in Australia. The Company is also rolling out a strong marketing programme.

Velpic’s key value proposition is to provide its customers with a single solution for their Enterprise & SMB training requirements by offering a single cloud product that allows non-technically trained people to create, edit, distribute, and report on professional-quality video lessons anytime, anywhere via the Internet.

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