What is knowledge sharing?

Knowledge sharing is the practice of making workplace information and processes readily available to anyone in the organisation.

What makes workplace knowledge sharing unique is that is it democratised - anyone can do it, no matter your seniority level or background. In today’s learning culture, it no longer makes sense to stick with the hierarchical confines of top-down knowledge.

Why is it important?

Although knowledge sharing may seem like a straightforward concept, you’d be surprised to learn that many businesses lose millions each year because they don’t do it. Fostering a learning culture within a business or organisation can have a wide range of both immediate and long-term benefits.

More effective change management

Imagine that there is an employee who has been with the company for many years and is about to retire. How can you ensure their valuable knowledge doesn’t leave the company when they do? This is where knowledge sharing comes into play.

Creates a symbiotic learning culture

Someone who has only been in the business for a few months could have acquired valuable insight that their superior could also benefit from. Let information flow smoothly between departments, offices, and teams.

Fosters improvement and innovation

A collaborative learning culture is a healthy one. Empower your employees by encouraging them to think outside their normal scope of work. From there, let innovation grow.

Work more productively

Knowledge sharing keeps colleagues aligned and accountable. Don’t waste time starting a process from scratch if someone else has already mastered it. Benefit from the knowledge you can gain internally.

How does Velpic help?

Lesson creation privileges for all

With Velpic you don’t need to be a supervisor to create training content. Content editors can create lessons and share by custom groups, not just by hierarchical organisation charts.

Create and share video lessons from one platform

Velpic’s built-in video editor makes creating lessons easy - no professional design skills necessary. Share lessons and track their uptake all in the same place.

Enable microlearning

Using Velpic’s mobile companion apps, training and learning are available on-the-go. It’s easy to create and take short lessons that can be accessed at any time.

Here’s a few resources that might come in handy for you