Get more out of your LMS software.

If you’ve used a traditional LMS platform before, you may be all too familiar with their challenges. At Velpic, we demand more from an online learning management system. Your LMS should be easy-to-use and not only save you time and money, but also stress.

What are online learning management systems?

Online learning management system (LMS) software allows businesses to manage, deliver and track workplace training. As you’d expect, they’ve evolved significantly since they were first used many years ago, and today there is a range of smarter, cloud-based LMS training platforms - Velpic being one of them.

What are the major benefits of LMS training?

Our learning management system in Australia has helped many companies save time, money and avoid stress. Our main service focuses around helping you and your business. With one online platform, you can manage your business without the fuss. Sign up for our free trial today, and see results tomorrow.

Why choose Velpic’s learning management system software?

Save your money

Face-to- face meetings, hiring trainers, renting venues, transporting staff and printing out training materials can get expensive. Our online learning management system makes training accessible and more cost-effective.

Less stress

Create, house, and keep track of all your training content in one place with our online learning tool. Automate training processes that take up a lot of time and effort.

Allow staff to learn more

Capture employees’ attention and assist their learning so they can comprehend and retain more information. Experiment with sight, sound and motion with our engaging LMS training software.

Foster a learning culture

Employers who empower their staff with ongoing development and upskilling are more likely to retain happy employees. With Velpic’s online learning management systems, both your employees and your business will benefit.

Why choose Velpic?

One platform to do it all

Everything you need is integrated into one. Effectively create video content, schedules, deliver training and report on metrics, all from one easy-to- access, cloud-based LMS software portal.

Simple and intuitive interface

Unlike other clunky legacy systems, you don’t need to have a dedicated resource to manage your LMS platform - Velpic’s learning management software provides a user-friendly and collaborative tool anyone can use.

Enable microlearning

Using Velpic’s mobile companion apps, training and learning are available on-the-go. It’s easy to create short lessons that can be viewed and managed at any time.

Flexible pricing

With Velpic, there are no contracts or hidden fees. You can choose from flexible pricing plans based on what you need and switch between pricing plans at any time without any hassle.

We’re always improving

We pride ourselves on evolving our learning management system software frequently and with thoughtful agility. Enjoy useful new functionalities without having to download or update a thing.