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Health & Safety Essentials

Duty of Care for Manager and Supervisors


An overview and understanding of how to fulfil your duty of care as a manager or supervisor to help maintain the health and safety of the workplace.


Duration: 30 minutes
AUD $35 per user

Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Workplace


The aim of this course is to develop your awareness of the impacts of the harmful use of alcohol and other drugs.

Duration: 75 minutes
AUD $35 per user

Velpic Mills Oakley Schools Pack


Workplace health and safety training for schools

Elder Abuse


Although Aged Care facilities should be safe and healthy places for residents, abuse can happen to older people. Learn to recognise the signs and know what to do.

Duration: 30:14 minutes
AUD $2.80 - $8.00

Causes and Risks of Falls in Older People


If you are working in an Aged Care facility you need to be aware of some of the reasons why people fall and what you can do to help prevent them falling.

Duration: 17:35 minutes
AUD $2.80 - $8.00

General Workplace Health and Safety in an Office Environment


Help make the office a safe environment, by overcoming physical hazards in the workplace and staying physically healthy.

Duration: 23:50 minutes
AUD $2.80 - $8.00

Hazardous Manual Tasks


Develop awareness of hazards and safety risks associated with manual tasks, and learn to prevent related injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.

Duration: 7:32 min
AUD $1.75 - $5.00

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