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Hazardous Manual Tasks


Learn to identify and assess the hazards associated with manual tasks commonly performed at work, for your own safety and the safety of your fellow workers. Learn what controls you could use to deal with risks, and take preventative action by addressing their causes. Increase your knowledge of the different types of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that could result from performing hazardous manual tasks. Be informed of supplier responsibilities regarding the safe handling of products and machinery. Includes quiz questions to boost effective learning.

Ideal for: Supervisors and workers who perform manual tasks that may have health and safety risks, and want to know how to work safely to prevent injuries and the development of musculoskeletal disorders.

Duration: 7:32 min
Created by: Velpic / Sasha Wolsely
AUD $1.75 - $5.00


Number of Seats Price per Seat
1 - 24 $5.00
25 - 99 $4.50
100 - 499 $4.25
500 - 999 $4.00
1000 - 1499 $3.33
1500 - 1999 $2.25
2000 - 2499 $1.88
2500+ $1.75


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