Lone Working


About the Course
This short course explains the dangers of working alone, and provides you with simple techniques to keep you and the people you work with safe.

Key Insights
• Working alone, also known as lone working, means working by yourself without close or direct supervision.
• It’s important to recognise there is no set duration that establishes someone as a lone worker, and you can be a lone worker for any period of time.
• As someone who works alone, you face the same hazards in your daily work as other workers, but the potential for harm is often greater due to the simple fact that you are alone or isolated.
• Your employer has a responsibility to keep you safe, but safety starts with you.
• If you don’t feel safe working alone, stop, and speak to your line manager, supervisor or safety representative. Nothing you do is worth getting hurt for.

Who is it For?
This course is for anyone who works alone. Put simply, you become a lone worker when you can’t be seen or heard by another person whilst at work.

Duration: 2:48 minutes
Created by: Learning Heroes
AUD $1.05 - $3.00
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