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Personal Development

Storylining - thinking your way to clear communication


Ever wondered what drives senior audiences to ask for shorter and shorter papers and then ask loads of questions that require extra information?

Duration: 9:29 min
AUD $15.00 / seat

Communicating to multiple audiences


Knowing how to engage multiple audiences at once is challenging. Preparing just one email, paper or pack seems more time efficient for you in the short term, but is it the most effective approach?

Duration: 14:34 min
AUD $15.00 / seat

The Classic Update


One of the most common pieces of business communication is to update someone else on your progress, and yet there is an art to getting it right.

Duration: 14:35 min
AUD $15.00 / seat

Unlocking the Classic Business Case


Having your business cases rejected is frustrating. Having them rejected again and again is plain demoralising.

Duration: 14:14 min
AUD $15.00 / seat

Work Ready: Mental and Emotional Health


Learn how to be in your best mental and emotional state for work and how to manage your well-being.

Duration: 13:35 min
AUD $1.75 - $5.00

Work Ready: Looking Out for Your Co-Workers


Learn the right ways to support your co-workers’ mental and emotional well-being, and help foster a work-ready environment.

Duration: 8:08 min
AUD $1.75 - $5.00

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