July 7th 2017
Restructuring Sales Team Brings Big Gains For Velpic Ltd

Velpic delivers record-breaking 76% revenue increase in June vs March record, or more than double their June 2016 revenue.

January 5th 2017
Gruden gets NSW small business tender

Velpic delivers customisable training videos directly within Gruden Group's system for the NSW Small Business Commissioner (OSBC).

December 20th 2016
Velpic signs 50th enterprise client

Velpic confirms strong client growth and plans to replicate success in international markets.

November 28th 2016
Startups ready to roll as Canberra coffers open up for tech innovation

Velpic CEO Russell Francis comments on the government’s plans to change tech procurement strategy.

November 9th 2016
Online lessons sales strengthens Velpic’s revenue model

Velpic now offers customers ‘off-the-shelf’ eLearning lessons in an online Marketplace library.

October 12th 2016
CBA leads call for cyber attack cooperation after government threat report

Velpic CEO Russell Francis comments on the private sector’s general complacency when it comes to addressing cyber security.

September 21st 2016
20 successful CEOs share the best thing they learnt at school

Velpic CEO Russell Francis shares the most memorable thing he learned in school and how it has impacted him in business.

September 19th 2016
Velpic sales and marketing update

Read the latest update from Velpic on enterprise sales, reseller growth, and SME marketing.