Online learning platforms or virtual learning environments were born in the 1980s, when the Internet and computers came into popular use. During this time, the variety and range of online learning environments have grown alongside the advancement of information technology.

With so many online learning providers in the marketplace, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices, feature sets, recommendations, and the endless supply of downloadable resources, demos and free trials.

Are you wondering if you should switch to a modern online training platform? Will it be worth the cost, time, and effort to change your training practices, and would you be able to get more out of it than what you are doing now?

How much time should you spend when considering something like this? Should you pick one system after a rough review, and get some hands-on experience? How many people in your organisation should be involved in scoping out what is needed?

Moving your training online is a future-proofing strategy that can provide immediate, short-term and long-term business benefits. The trick is choosing the right eLearning platform that empowers you to educate your workforce easily and more effectively.

What is an eLearning platform?

Some of these learning methods may be hard to understand, causing a disconnect between users. Many eLearning systems can be confusing to operate and too complex to utilise fully.

At Velpic, we’ve solved the multiple limitations of legacy learning management systems. We know first-hand how painful it can be to go through mandatory training experiences that many of us love to hate.

Which is why we’ve created something that overcomes past limitations and is versatile enough to create professional looking training fast, no matter what the learning object might be.

Our next-generation eLearning software was built to make your life easier. Your success is our innovation. We are passionate about solving real life problems and adding real value to overcome the challenges that come with outdated training methods.

Reflecting the agile and dynamic brains behind the machine, our software provides you with an eLearning platform that is constantly evolving and improving to solve real world problems.

How does eLearning help my business?

There’s a saying that if you are not growing, you’re dying. This is applicable for both people and organisations.

eLearning has a long and checkered history, and the advancement in available technology constantly raises the bar in terms of what you can achieve with online training platforms.

Done right, it can save you time and money, making your people happier and more productive at work, and helping you build a more formidable and informed workforce.

You should expect from a tech investment (65% ROI at the very least).

In many ways, eLearning means more effective training, and training done right has been shown to provide a great business advantage. Exciting new possibilities are open when you move training to mobiles and other portable digital devices that allow training on the go, and demand.

The right eLearning system can increase profit, cashflow, sales volume and productivity; and great training and development opportunities are important for attracting and keeping great staff.

However, not all eLearning platforms are created equally.

How do you find out what’s best for you?

We have helped many companies figure that out, and would love to help you too.

Start a conversation with us today.

Why use an eLearning management system software?

Save your money

Face-to-face meetings, hiring trainers, renting venues, transporting staff, and printing out training materials can get expensive. Our online learning management system makes training scalable and more cost-effective.

Less stress

Create, house, and keep track of all your training content in one place with our online learning management system. Automate training processes that can take up a lot of time and effort.

Let staff learn better

Capture employees’ attention and assist their learning so they can better comprehend and retain information. Experiment with sight, sound and motion with our engaging learning management software.

Foster a learning culture

Employers who empower their staff with ongoing development and upskilling are more likely to retain happy employees. With Velpic’s online learning management systems, both your employees and business will benefit.