Set and don’t forget

A new employee’s first day of work is usually accompanied by an endless wave of new information, much of which may be forgotten too quickly.

With Velpic’s online induction software, managers no longer need to share piecemeal and disorganised information via email or boring print-outs. Our induction software makes creating training lessons easy, as all learning materials are kept in one place.

How does an online induction work?

During an online induction training session, a new employee will be given the knowledge, skills, and behaviour expectations that will help them succeed within the organisation. A great induction process makes new starters feel welcome and supported to contribute their best.

With Velpic’s online induction software, managers are able to create a welcome video that can be scheduled instantly to new employees before Day 1, and the video can be repurposed for future new starters.

Why is an efficient induction process important?

There’s no surprise that the more seamless induction training is, the easier it is for a new employee to get straight into their work. But there are even better long-term benefits that you may not be aware of.

Saves you time

Velpic’s online induction software ensures you don’t need to fuss over time-consuming face-to- face meetings, tracking down multiple documents, or recreating training content for each new starter.

Increases content retention

Engaging visual formats with sight, sound and motion are more effective in capturing an employee’s attention, so they can better comprehend and retain what they’re learning.

Boosts productivity

When employees are armed with all the information they need to do their job, they’re brought up to speed right away and can begin what you hired them to do.

Reduces employee turnover

Hiring new staff can cost up to 2x their annual salary, which is a cost you can do without. When employees are well-informed and their expectations are clear, they’re less likely to churn. Win, win.

How does Velpic help?

Create your own welcome video with a friendly message from the CEO or their team.
Reaffirm their decision to join your company by telling them why your organisation is a great place to work.
Get them oriented with the office layout and suggest great places to get lunch or coffee.
Provide induction training, HR policy overview or general housekeeping rules.
Give them more information and expectations of their role.