What are the benefits of online induction training?

First impressions count, and this is especially true for new employees.

In today’s challenging recruitment market, it is getting harder than ever to find top calibre employees and keep them. A bad hire can actually cost your organisation the equivalent of their annual salary or more.

Often, if ambitious employees are not getting the training and development opportunities they wish for, they will not find it fulfilling to stay employed in the same organisation. The skills shortage in certain work sectors compounds this problem.

A positive and memorable induction experience can make a big difference in an employee’s decision to leave or stay. And they often decide within the first few weeks of starting work.

Adding online elements to your induction program can make it easier and more enjoyable for new employees to integrate productively into your organisation. The right online induction software can go a long way in help you engage and retain great staff.

How do I conduct successful induction training online?

You probably want to find the best learning management system Australia has to offer, and there multiple choices can make it hard for you to pick the right online learning management system (LMS) for your organisation.

Don’t rush into it as careful consideration at the start can save you costly heartaches and failure further downstream. Start slow to get there fast, eventually. And thought most people would start with price, that is not the best place to start. Think of value, not cost.

Before you review any LMS software, listen. Find out from key managers what their challenges are, why they would want to consider switching to a new LMS training software, and what they hope to achieve with it.

This practical framework makes it easier for your to evaluate online learning management systems for relevance and subsequent business impact.

Don’t make this just an exercise—even though you are considering an online learning tool, don’t just do online research to find the right one for you. Really go out there and ask managers and staff what they would value to help them do their work faster and better. Then match what you need the software to do with what LMS software is out there that can deliver the goods.

Why use learning management system software?

Save your money

Face-to-face meetings, hiring trainers, renting venues, transporting staff, and printing out training materials can get expensive. Our online learning management system makes training scalable and more cost-effective.

Less stress

Create, house, and keep track of all your training content in one place with our online learning management system . Automate training processes that can take up a lot of time and effort.

Let staff learn better

Capture employees’ attention and assist their learning so they can better comprehend and retain information. Experiment with sight, sound and motion with our engaging learning management software.

Foster a learning culture

Employers who empower their staff with ongoing development and upskilling are more likely to retain happy employees. With Velpic’s online learning management systems, both your employees and business will benefit.