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Embrace integrated security incident management and preventative education

Are the security needs of your organisation complex with many moving parts? From security guards to CCTV cameras, to employees, customers, vehicles and equipment?

Is it time consuming to stay across all incidents that occur every day and manage various teams responsible for different incident groups?

Find it difficult to educate the people whose security you are responsible for?

Experience the benefits of Velpic Safety

Centralised control and faster responses across all incident types
Integrated platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems
Preventative and on-going education for your community and response team

Integrated security incident management & response.

Personal Safety App

Hear something, say something, report SOS, crimes and hazards.

Computer aided Dispatch

Incident management with full visibility of responders, resources and active incidents.

First Responder App

Alerts, dispatches and navigates responders to incidents with live video updates.

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Prevention and Eduction

Educate on Incidents

Train and educate all users ahead of time on likely incidents and preventative measures.

Onboard Dispatchers

Onboard new dispatch operators and familiarise them with incident management protocols.

Educate First Responders

Employ continuous learning for first responders and give dispatchers the power to identify responders based on skills.

Velpic Safety has solutions for every industry.
Check out these case studies!


John Hopkins University implement NowForce for student safety.

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Tracking fire and Rescue/EMS Resources at the AT&T National Golf Tournament.

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Smart Cities

TelAviv Smart City implements NowForce as a full monitored Panic solution.

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These companies are already getting the most out of NowForce

United Hatzalah and NowForce

EMT and founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer re-imagined first response and the power of community, saving 40,000 lives this year alone. He shares the story of its beginnings.

  • 3000+ Volunteers on standby
  • 90 sec. average response time
  • Saving lives, every day
  • Using automatic dispatch

See what customers are saying

See what customers are saying

"As a volunteer department that covers a large geographic area, we needed a solution to help us locate our first responders while protecting their privacy. Having a system that anonymously collects location information and then gives us the ability to connect with our responders both increases our situational awareness and more importantly, helps us get people on scene as quickly as possible."

"Whenever a call comes in, the closes five volunteers get the call. Since our inception, hundreds of thousands of victims owe their lives to the immediate, effective response of our medics. We could only achieve this with NowForce. We’re using this all over the country to reduce response times, to an average of 2-3 minutes."

"At the AT&T National Golf tournament, when someone calling in an incident would describe nearby landmarks, even if these were temporary structures, we were able to correlate the event location and nearby emergency teams using the NowForce system. If we lost communication with one of our teams, NowForce was able to tell us their last known location."