Next-gen sports coaching: Do you dare to innovate?

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Do you coach a youth sports team, community league club, or top national team in competitive sports?

Chances are, you are on a constant quest to inspire your players and improve their sporting performance, no matter the level they play. How do you do more for them as a coach whilst juggling your other responsibilities?

Do you face the following challenges?

Engagement of athletes and players in off-the-field training?
Challenges motivating and engaging team members to train for peak performance?
Pressure to keep a defending champion team at the top of their game?

Use eCoaching to improve athlete performance

Sharing knowledge across the team can be a great competitive advantage in sport. Velpic Sport makes your life as a coach easier with off the field training. Keep your players interested and engaged:

  • Latest skills, drills, reviews for players
  • Communication and management
  • Video and analysis
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Increase coaching effectiveness

Manage Players

Share coach notes and easily upload match videos to share with the team or individual players, to prepare for the next match

Track Player Progress

Access a real-time view of active, completed and overdue online training for each player

Quiz and gather feedback

Test comprehension and track engagement with online feedback and quizzes

Enhance player training

Coach notes

Study notes from the coach, anytime, anywhere

Game Videos

Access past game videos to prepare for the next match

Instant Access

Access notes and past game videos via mobile or computer

Use VR to Revolutionise your Athlete Training

For great athletes, repetition matters. But real life reps can be limited by all sorts of factors, including rules, physical toll on athletes bodies, even weather

With Velpic Sport VR, players can hone skills anytime, anywhere, almost as if they were out on the field, court, ice or course. Using an immersive VR environment, athletes can accelerate their training regimen and never miss a beat.

Results from World class sports teams in the US and Europe show that with VR, recollection of key topics improved by more than 30 percentage points from 70% to 100% retention.