Online/Mobile Training Sets The Bar For Great Customer Service And Store Branding

Aquatique is popular chain of retail stores providing a wide range of surf, skate and snow sport brands since 1987 on the south coast of NSW. It is a member of the Surf & Boardsports Industry Association (SBIA), a pre-eminent grassroots organisation that’s passionate about driving vibrancy, growth and business opportunities among manufacturers, suppliers, members and other associations through innovation and best practice.

Challenge: The surf and boardsports retail industry comes with seasonal fluxes in demand for staff. High staff turnover is becoming a major concern. It is also a competitive market where a key differentiator is customer service. An important part of excellent customer service is great product and technical knowledge which helps customers make the right buying decisions. With such a large product range, how does Aquatique ensure that both their existing team and newly recruited staff can provide excellent customer service?

Solution: SBIA provides its members with online access to a set of customer service training videos that can be viewed on both smartphones and computers. As an SBIA member, Aquatique can choose to provide each new staff member with access to the training modules on demand by registering their details online. Training topics cover the sales process from ‘Meet and Greet’ to ‘Closing the Sale’

Outcome: Aquatique’s General Manager Justin Bellwood is satisfied that the online induction provides a professional introduction to new staff and sets the bar for high-quality customer service. Management is happy to report that even long-term staff have gained valuable techniques and knowledge from the lessons as well. The lessons do not replace other forms of training like on-the-job mentorship from managers and product training from brands, but complements them:

"SBIA’s Velpic training gives us an excellent base for customer service in our store. Customer service is the key to good business, and the more we can improve our customer service the more successful we can be. Even my experienced senior staff told me they got something valuable out of it."
Justin Bellwood, GM
Velpic relishes working with SBIA and Aquatique to explore other ways to save them even more time, money and effort while improving training outcomes. Interested in smart ways to grow your business? Ask us for a free demonstration.
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