50% savings on six-figure training costs, hundredfold increase in knowledge sharing, and priceless boost in workplace culture

CAPS is Australia’s largest privately owned air compressor and power generator solutions company. Its 180 staff serve international customers from nine locations across Australia and overseas. CAPS specialises in engineering custom solutions for Australia's toughest industrial applications and conditions, and takes great pride in the tremendous value they add to customers 24/7 with their technical expertise.

Challenge: Organisations operating from multiple locations and time zones face several key challenges, and CAPS' mixed office-based and field-based workforce is no exception. CAPS constantly looks for better ways to maintain their product and service advantage through consistent quality training. For example, around 50 Service Technicians in nine locations are trained to be expert users of around 80 compressors, and 20 different types of generators. However, a technical specialist takes weeks to travel thousands of kilometres to cover all locations to facilitate technical training and during a typical workday, the majority of our Service Technicians don’t have access to desktop computers.

Solution: Moving some training online with Velpic’s cloud-based eLearning solution changed everything. With an hour’s Velpic training and implementation guidance under her belt, HR & OHS Manager Jessica Heal could create multimedia training content in-house right away. The first categories of lessons covered Technician Excellence (called TechEx in-house), inductions, safety, and company-wide communications. The lessons assigned to the CAPS team can be viewed instantly by workers in the field via Velpic Learn mobile app, which makes training as accessible to field staff as office staff. Supervisors can now manage their groups on the go through Velpic Supervisor app. The HR and OHS department can gain easier command and control over training and communication across the CAPS network.

Outcome: Investing one day a week over a few short months, CAPS created more than 30 lessons and started an on-demand video library with selected videos. Overcoming previous limitations due to location, CAPS staff have completed more than 700 lessons; hundreds more are scheduled. CAPS now has an easily trackable high-volume training resource, an online resource hub for core business areas, and plans to build new lesson modules on leadership for professional development. Without losing days of work at a time to attend training, CAPS staff can now learn and revise content through video lessons that are typically 30 to 45 minutes long and test their recall through interactive quizzes. CAPS’ HR and OHS Manager relays the multifaceted impact of Velpic.

"The most powerful change is enabling everyone to access the same messages at the same time, whether they are in the office or in the field. We aim for everyone to feel included in the strategy and goals for CAPS in real time; they can log in and participate in it every day.

CAPS is also excited about exploring the possibilities of VR training.

With only six to seven master Centrifugal Service Technicians in Australia, and fewer than 45 in the world, CAPS is well placed to meet our customer’s technical demands and continue to train the next generation of highly technical and specialised Service Technicians.

VR training will be a powerful way to share their expertise with more technicians so we can add even more value to customers and distinguish ourselves in the marketplace. Velpic provides overarching advantages for our business, and we’re so ready for it."

Jessica Heal, Human Resources & OHS Manager
CAPS continues to create and explore training innovations with Velpic as they evolve their industry leadership.
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