Multiplying the reach of a sales consultancy beyond face-to-face training

John Blake runs John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions, where he unlocks phenomenal sales growth for businesses, primarily via face-to-face mentoring. Not content to rest on his laurels, he spotted an opportunity to expand his offerings in collaboration with Velpic and the Surf and Boardsports Industry Association (SBIA)—while solving a key problem in surfing’s retail industry. SBIA elevates, upskills and educates its members to help them succeed. One member category that benefits from SBIA’s intervention is the retail surf shop industry.

Challenge: In retail surf shops, staff turnover is often high and this affects the customer experience. Casual staff often come and go depending on seasonal demand. Surf shops are small businesses with neither the people, time, nor resources to provide professional staff training. The shops cannot justify a heavy investment in training—which is typically ad hoc and one on one, and varies with the calibre of each trainer. A key challenge in the industry is how to provide consistent stellar customer service despite high staff turnover.

Solution: Working closely with SBIA and top surf retailers, Velpic and John Blake launched an industry-specific online learning portal for surf shops via the SBIA website. A series of quality surf-specific retail sales training videos were made available to surf shop owners. The training is affordable and easy to access, no matter where or when it is needed. Great training in turn creates a consistent customer experience.

Outcome: Surf shop owners reported positive results on training effectiveness, affordability and ease of use. Staff performance on six retail sales tasks increased by between 25% and 125%. The financial cost was 97% lower than an equivalent calibre of classroom training; the time cost was 94% lower. Survey respondents were unanimous in finding the online training easy to use. The data also identified two of the six tasks that would benefit from further training, as the actual percentage increase was lower than forecasted.

"If you train more people, they are more likely to stay. Big problem solved … I recognise winning technology when I see it. Velpic helps me grow my business and new revenue streams. I am confident that Velpic can only increase my credibility as a forward-thinking trainer. In fact, it already has."
John Blake, Breakthrough Sales Mentor
SBIA President Anthony Wilson found this eLearning initiative a great success, "Our members loved it! Those who used it said it helped them to prepare for a great summer trade." The 1st Online Surf Retail Sales Training Program in the world, it won a LearnX Impact Award in 2017. If you’re a business consultant interested in smart ways to grow your business, call us for a free demonstration.
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