Moving Pre-Mobilisation Training Online Reaps Considerable Savings For SCEE

SCEE is a leading provider of specialised electrical and instrumentation (E&I) services to blue-chip customers, and has built a 30-year reputation for delivering safety and excellence in complex large-scale projects in harsh and remote environments.

Challenge: To organise recurring pre-mobilisation induction and safety training for a workforce of up to 1,000 workers for multiple projects, the training department spent an estimated 30 work-hours a week co-ordinating the availability of trainees, trainers and venues for face-to-face training, and faced huge cost inefficiencies when attendance is low. About 35% of our training cost was related to the logistics of delivery.

Solution: Velpic produced a general safety and company induction video slightly shorter than the hour-long face-to-face training session it replaced. A quiz was included for trainees to review the content along the way. With their new eLearning solution, SCEE’s training department no longer needed to repeatedly co-ordinate the availability of trainers, trainees and venues, and could dispatch standardised training and assessment to workers as soon as they require it.

Outcome: Training Manager Mel Oliveri is satisfied at the considerable cost and time savings SCEE has reaped since using Velpic’s online induction software in early 2016.

"I welcome the online platform as its flexibility allows us to get our staff ready for mobilisation efficiently. It is well accepted by SCEE employees. Velpic is very easy to use, and the editing suite is a great advantage because we can modify training content ourselves. It was easy to adapt the original video into a corporate induction video, and we have since developed training videos on other topics as well. There are early days, but we are already content with the progress and where it is going. The huge benefits of moving our training online far outweigh the advantages of face-to-face delivery."
Mel Oliveri, Training Manager
Progress is underway to further enhance the Velpic platform in collaboration with SCEE. Interested in smart ways to grow your business? Ask us for a free demonstration.
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