What are some new training methods developed with virtual reality technology?

Virtual reality is finally coming of age due to lowering costs and increasing processing speeds. We live in exciting times where virtual reality training is becoming more affordable and within reach of any organisation wishing to create a more immersive learning experience and a bigger business impact.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a VR experience must paint a million or more! An increase of innovative organisations from a variety of industries are exploring and using virtual reality training to fulfill different business goals.

It is the next frontier of stimulating someone’s imagination to fulfill various objectives.

  • Making safety and emergency training safer, faster and less costly
  • Allowing desensitisation in a safe environment while dealing with fears and phobias
  • Enabling rapid conditioning to improve human performance using mind psychology
  • Engaging the whole brain with fun and interactive learning experiences
  • Overcoming the learning limitations of certain types of disabilities
  • Improving the buyer experience for a variety of goods and services, from toys, through to homes and technical equipment.
  • Allowing repeatable first-hand experience of work process training, product training or best-practise training to quickly upskill people of all backgrounds and learning abilities.

The possibilities of virtual reality training are expanding, and as technology advances, the benefits of mixed reality and augmented reality will be available to the masses as well.

What are the benefits of VR training?

Virtual reality training can be beneficial to all aspects of business, from human resources, through to sales and operations.

In an information saturated world where information comes at us thick and fast, virtual reality training is a great strategy for capturing more attention and engaging learners further. It is now more possible than ever to adopt virtual reality training to your training mix as technological advancement and good prices converge.

VR for HR

  • Woo top employee candidates with an immersive employer marketing experience.
  • Captivate new employees with engaging virtual onboarding programs.
  • Connect employees through virtual introductions to multinational teams.
  • Collaborate and share knowledge across departments and groups.
  • Facilitate soft skills coaching and leadership development with virtual roleplay.
  • Entertain and captivate learners through gamification and friendly competition.

VR for Operations

  • Provide safe and cost-effective options for high-risk or remote training scenarios.
  • Step up job training, equipment handling, and process protocols.
  • Create virtual scenarios of important safety and other compliance communications.
  • Create scalable resources that provide consistent quality training without fatigue.
  • Make complex information easier to learn with multisensory immersive lessons.

VR for Sales and Promotion

  • Enhance skills and product training for your sales team.
  • Wow customers with virtual try and buy experiences.
  • Educate, inform and cross-sell with more flair
  • Captivate potential customers and fans with virtual games or celebrity meetings
  • Hold virtual promotional events and incentivize purchasing with gifts.

Why use an eLearning management system software?

Save your money

Face-to-face meetings, hiring trainers, renting venues, transporting staff, and printing out training materials can get expensive. Our online learning management system makes training scalable and more cost-effective.

Less stress

Create, house, and keep track of all your training content in one place with our online learning management system. Automate training processes that can take up a lot of time and effort.

Let staff learn better

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Foster a learning culture

Employers who empower their staff with ongoing development and upskilling are more likely to retain happy employees. With Velpic’s online learning management systems, both your employees and business will benefit.