Recorded webinars

Managing people to maximise performance

Create a workplace that brings out the best in your people. My HR Adviser Jayne Griffiths talks about The HR framework, conflict in the workplace, managing performance, employee engagement and more.

Classrooms: Hazardous playgrounds for teachers?

A High Court case highlights that safety breaches can put schools at risk for legal liability. Velpic partners with a national law firm to provide practical solutions to protect your school.

A headhunter’s tips: Maximise your career potential

Don’t wait until you need to look for a job to manage your career right. Here are the little things that could triple the odds of maximising your career advancement.

Effective communication for technical experts

When addressing the general public, technical experts may struggle to explain the brilliant yet complex things they do. Here’s a simple solution that enable you to communicate their expertise better.

Upskilling with the brain in mind

Watch this educational webinar presented by Mindworks Director, Laurie Kelly. Understanding the brain empowers you to train better. Learn how to use brain-based strategies to improve your training outcomes.