Your success is our innovation

We thrive on helping you accomplish more:

  • Quickly onboard new hires and easily manage compliance requirements.
  • Demonstrate your company’s value to prospects or partners.
  • Upskill your high achievers and keep them happy in their role.
  • Foster a collaborative learning culture and progressive working habits.

Less stress, more success

Typical online learning management systems are so infamously clumsy and complicated that they require a dedicated resource just to manage. Not so with Velpic - customers rave about our clean and easy-to-use platform.

Have the option to do more with your LMS

With unique features included at every pricing level, Velpic gives you the freedom to be more creative with training - use the video editor to create your own training videos, or bring learning to life with the mobile VR viewer.

Customer service is king

We listen to our customers’ feedback and keep up-to-date with changing market needs. When it comes to servicing clients, we pride ourselves on being agile and innovative.

I’ve found Velpic very customer service focused, they always responded in a prompt and professional manner.


Save up to 70% of the cost to train

If you’re using traditional training methods that require you to hire trainers, book venues, fly over staff, or print up training materials, training becomes expensive.

Reduce training time by 75%

Don’t waste time repeating yourself. Distribute training content to multiple trainees at once, no matter where they are. Your time is a precious, non-renewable resource. Use it well.

Increase retention by up to 60%

Training that lasts hours or requires reading lengthy documents doesn’t stay in people’s heads long. Using short microlearning lessons in a more engaging visual format works wonders for content retention.

Find out why Velpic has been ranked by GetApp and Capterra as a top LMS Software