Centralised eLearning system saves about 50 work-hours per month

CV Services Group comprises five innovative businesses in the trade (Electrical Construction, Energy Services, Asset Services) and visual communications (Signage Solutions and Media & Design) sectors with a team strength close to 500. The Group also runs a well-regarded apprenticeship program. Although their services are diversified, CV Services pride themselves on delivering the edge with exceptional people united by a passion to provide industry-leading solutions while keeping pace with digital technology advancements.

Challenge: Safety is a number one priority at CV Services Group. The Senior Managers of HSEQ (health, safety, environment and quality) and Training typically spend a minimum of 10 hours per month to coordinate face-to-face safety inductions for an average of 10 - 20 new starters. These inductions are across the five businesses, occurring within the first weeks of commencing their employment. The Group evaluated several learning management systems to source a system that enabled them to produce quality training content easily, as well as efficiently deliver and manage.

Solution: Using Velpic, CV Services Group consolidated their safety induction training into a 30-minute video and quiz. The Group now has one accessible portal for creating, delivering, and managing a consistent safety induction message for all businesses. The induction can be easily sent and tracked online and the Safety team is able to ensure all new team members are inducted prior to their first day. It also lets each business produce additional lessons easily as necessary and specific to their operations. These capabilities are aligned with CV Services values to enable their workforce to work safely, as part of a team and with integrity and accountability.

Outcome: The mandatory safety induction as part of the onboarding process can now be conducted without involving multiple trainers, and before someone starts their new role —which makes new staff better prepared to hit the ground running whether they are site or office based. It was easy to train people to use Velpic, and the HSEQ and Training Managers can be confident in the consistent safety message being delivered to all new team members. Corporate Communications Coordinator Grace Barker said:

"Velpic is easy to use. From building and delivering content to scheduling lessons, it is simple to operate and easy to train others to use. It is a really accessible platform that gives us the power and centralised control to manage all training content from one system."
Grace Barker, Corporate Communications Coordinator
CV Services considers Velpic a great foundation on which they will continue to build a library of training videos for induction and other purposes. Interested in smart ways to grow your business? Ask us for a free demonstration.
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